The NEW WATOC Rally Challenge 2020

The NEW WATOC Rally Challenge 2020

We have decided to try and add a little more interest into the WATOC Rally Challenge this year and have come up with the idea below.

open to all members of any club under the WATOC Umbrella, on any bike; although obviously we would prefer it to be a TRIUMPH.

We still reward attendance at rallys but will award points for distances travelled as shown below:-

5 points  -- upto 200KM
10 points  -- upto 500KM
15 points  -- upto 800KM
20 points  -- upto 1000KM
25 points  -- over 1000KM

Distance to be recorded and signed off on the usual Challenge card (available at the WATOC website)

The new addition will be photo’s of the rider , along with the challenge Logo at any of the listed  points of interest. We have four POI from each country .
Riders can visit as many POI as they like , but they need to take a photo at each clearly showing themselves the POI and the Challenge logo.(available on the WATOC Website

The rider would receive :

5 points for POI in their own country
10 points for POI in any other country.

Also riders could receive points for visiting Triumph dealers and Spares outlets displaying the Triumph Logo, and again they need to take a photo at each clearly showing themselves, the dealership and the Challenge logo:

2 points for shops in their own country
4 points for shops  in any other country.

Photos to be emailed to Geoff Walton  throughout the year, or before end October 2020. (please keep the size of files small and don’t forget to include your name and Club
Completed Rally entry cards to be sent to Geoff Walton  before end October 2020.

Entry cards and photos to :
Any questions to above address

- 2020 Rally Challenge Card.pdf (706kB)
- New WATOC 2020 Rally Challenge.pdf (118kB)
- 2020 WATOC Challenge Points of Interest.pdf (238kB)
- 2020 WATOC Challenge Agenda.pdf (418kB)
- 2020 WATOC Challenge Rules.pdf (440kB)

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